Bayview Technologies Partner With AVP Mfg. & Supply Inc.

Bayview Technologies are pleased to announce that we are now partners with AVP Mfg. & Supply Inc. supplying their range of leading audio, video and digital jackfields, connectors, wire and cable assemblies.

Founded in 1985, AVP’s Mosaic audio and video patching components provide exceptional functionality and circuit identification standards to simplify system design, installation, operation and maintenance.

Key features of the AVP range include:

  • CIS (Circuit Identification System) allows for colour-coding of every circuit to visually identify each circuit by colour
  • Patented designation design that maximises viewable area
  • Numbered jack positions for quick and accurate installation, system troubleshooting and operational ease
  • Front-mount jacks that simplify system re-design and maintenance

For more information regarding the complete range of AVP products, contact us today.

Posted on: 08 Jan 2015