Canare 75 Ohm Bnc Crimp Plug Suits Lv-61S, Rg59B/ U

75 ohm BNC Crimp Plugs (BCP-A Series)

SMPTE 424M and 292M Compliant.

Serial Digital Video.

HDTV Upgrades.

NTSC Analog

Test Equipment.

Satellite Headends.


True 75 ohm construction Crimp Pin and Sleeve.

High performance of 1.1 or less VSWR up to 2GHz. (VSWR 1.1 or less up to 1GHz for BCP-C25, BCP-C25F).

Mechanically mates with common 50 ohm BNC.

Elongated Body for better finger grip.

Superior cable pull strength.

Gold plated center pins ‘snap lock’ in place.

Beryllium copper outer contact.

Easy Assembly using Canare Strip and Crimp Tools.

Operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.