Canare L-4.5CHWS 75Ohm Coax Low Loss Flexible Stranded Conductor 7.2mm OD 200M Black

75ohm coax low loss flexible stranded conductor 7.2mm OD 200m black

L-CHWS Series. Flexible and durable: Best suited to mobile HD application. Designed for withstanding repeated bending. Stranded center conductor. High-density double-braided shield. Highly-foamed insulation. Note: Cable stripper TS100E cannot be used.

Canare L-4.5CHWS flexible 7.2mm OD 75Ω Coaxial cable
Stranded core, dual layer braided shield.

Suitable for up to 90m of 1080p 3G-SDI and up to 50m of 4K 12G-SDI (depending on equipment being used, 30m safe maximum)
Also suitable for analogue and digital audio cables, Spdif, Madi, Clock signals etc.

Fits Canare BCP-B45HW and Neutrik NBNC75BRU11 BNC connectors.