D-Link DPS-520 PoE 180W Redundant Power Supply

The DPS-520 PoE Redundant Power Supply system offers stable, reliable safety features and protection to you network.

With a 180W power budget and 4 ports with PoE power budget, it can actively back-up four compatible D-Link Switches while using PD power connection box, reducing the redundant power cost per device. In the event of a power supply failure, the redundant power supply unit is immediately triggered, allowing the LAN Switch and its connected devices to remain operational.

  • Cost-effective solution that supports up to four switches
  • 180W total power budget
  • Auto Discovery: automatically discover powered device (PD) to immediately deliver power
  • RPS Port Priority: allows network administrator to define RPS failover policy
  • Status Reporting: status information can be monitored through any web browser, allowing administrators to backup a failed switch.


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