Neutrik NAUSB3-B D-Size USB 3.0 Feed-Through USB-A To USB-B (Reversible) Black Shell



Reversible USB 3.0 gender changer (type A and B), Black D-housing
The NAUSB3 is a reversible USB 3.0 feed through adapter. The standardized D-shape housing of the adapter fits into conventional patch panels and offers an additional protection for the connector.

Features & Benefits

USB 3.0 feedthrough adapter
Reversible insert offering type A or B on front or rear end
Standard D-shape housing
Removable screen for chassis grounding
Meets USB 3.0 specifications

Gender Changeable
Certain applications require that the USB 3.0 type A or type B jack is on front to connect end devices like hard disk, cameras, etc. The connector configuration of the NAUSB3* can be changed by rotating the USB insert without special tools.
USB typ A in front USB Typ B in front

Optimized Ground Connection
An additional metal lip guarantees optimum ground connection from USB 3.0 jack to the D-size flange in order to achieve a consistent ground level. To eliminate the ground connection pinch off the metal lip.

Cable lengths
To ensure an error-free data transmission it is essential to use an appropriate cable with correct length. The table below lists the maximum cable length according to the wire gauge (AWG) of the used USB 3.0 cable.

Wire gauge – Cable lengthAWG 22 – 1.75 mAWG 24 – 1.0 mAWG 26 – 0.6 mAWG 28 – 0.35 m