Neutrik NPPA-TT-SD25 Easypatch With 25 Pole D-Sub Connectors



2 x 48 TT (Bantam) jacks, half normalled bottom row, 12 x 25 pole female D-Sub, grounding: groups of 12 channels
All NPPA patch panels are fitted with high quality, long life NJ3TTA gold plated double contact jacks (2×48), featuring best contact integrity. The unit, robustly housed in a black coated steel shell, is finished off with a built in cable bar and two large channel identification strips for perfect management of the system. The NPPA patch panels are an innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19″ rack mounting.

Features & Benefits

Innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19″ rack mounting
Robustly housed in a black coated steel shell
High quality long life gold plated Neutrik prewired double jacks with best contact integrity
Qualified for analog and digital signals acc. AES3, 48 kHz sampling frequency
Easy wiring due to 25 pole D-Sub connectors, Tascam DA-88 Analog I/O printout. 25 pole D-Sub to XLR multicores are widely-used and easy available.
Mixed normalling configuration can be done by jack pairs (see accessories)
Flexible grounding system (see Assembly Instruction)