IDEAL 33-719 IDC Telph/Data Splice Repair Crimp & Strip Tool

SKU 33-719

  • Kinetic Super IDC all-in-one tool to cut, strip, and crimp 22-24 AWG telecommunications cables for use in IDC splices
  • Tool prepares conductors and crimps industry standard UR Red, UY Yellow, and UB Blue IDC connectors / jellybeans
  • Parallel surface action crimps the connectors evenly and prevents over crimping that leads to damaged connectors
  • Slim, lightweight tool with locking latch to keep tool closed in pouches and pockets
  • Includes 25 IDC connectors (UR Red, 3-Wire Butt Splice)
  • Stamped steel with over-moulded dual textured handles for user comfort
  • Cuts twisted pair cables and strips 22 to 24 AWG conductors for telco applications
  • Plier type nose aids in identifying, isolating, and grabbing conductors
  • Tool is not insulated. Use on de-energised circuits only.
  • Tool not available individually

The Telephone/Data Cable Splice and Repair Kit includes the Kinetic Super IDC specialty tool and red connectors needed for common telephone splice/tap applications as well as for repairing damaged data or voice conductors. The all-in-one tool can cut, strip, and crimp all types of jellybean UR/UY/UB IDC contact butt and tap connectors. The kit includes 25 gel-filled UR Red, 3-wire butt splice connectors.

The tool is designed with a special parallel action, smooth flat plate crimping area that evenly crimps the jellybean in a consistent manner that leaves the connector body undamaged. Traditional linesman or other types of generic pivoting pliers do not offer a parallel action and will damage the plastic shell of the connector, or not seat the wires properly into the IDC sockets.

The tool will work with all industry standard IDC jellybean type connectors.

The tool also includes 22 and 24 AWG stripping holes and a wire cutter for other common telephone installation requirements.

When using the IDC connectors – do NOT strip the individual conductors before inserting them into the connectors. The connectors, once crimped, will pierce the insulating jacket of the conductors providing common conductivity among the conductors.