Canare MR202-4AT black 200m on drum

2 conductor + insulated foil shield – 4 channel (black) 200m on drum
A practical, 100% foil shielded multichannel audio snake cable for general purpose studio applications. Each individually isolated channel consists of 2 twisted conductors under an easy-to-strip PVC jacket extruded over a foil shield and drain wire. The color striped PVC channel jacket alleviates the need to use costly shrink tubing. Surprisingly flexible, this multichannel cable is perfect for control room layout and interfacing between equipment racks, audio patchbays, mixers and tape decks.

Audio Rack Wiring.
Recording Suites.
Post Production.
Foil Shield with Drain Wire.
Variety Channels.


Length: 200m
No. of Channels (Pairs): 4
No. of Cond. (2 Per Channel): 8
Weight: 8kg
Nom. O.D. (in.): .299 (7.6)
PVC Jacket Nom. Thick. in. (mm): .032 (0.8)
Brittle Point: -20C°
Channel O.D. in. (mm): .106 (2.7)
Channel Jacket Nom. Thick. mil: 11.8