Neutrik Opticalcon Quad Chassis Connector

opticalCON QUAD chassis connector

Chassis connector, black chromium plating, front panel mount, IP65 ingress protection in mated condition with SCDP-*.The chassis connector acts as a “feed-through” allowing simplified installations by connecting four conventional LCs on the rear. It is built in the standard D size shell and features an automatic sealing cover for maximum dust and dirt protection and a Push-Pull locking mechanism for safe connection. Features & BenefitsRugged 4-channel Point-to-Point multichannel routing solutionIP65 ingress protection in mated condition with SCDP-*Laser protected metal shutter seals dust proof with two-component rubber gasketAccommodates standard LC connectors on the rear for cost effective and simple installationsColor coding with SCDP-* according to ANSI/TIA-568.3-D Standard:Multimode – black – NU-SCDP-0Single mode PC – blue – NU-SCDP-6Single mode APC – green – NU-SCDP-5