IDEAL 45-144 Round Cable Slit/Ring Stripper

SKU 45-144

  • Easy, adjustable blade depth setting
  • Strip or slit the outer jacket of larger diameter cables up to 1.75”
  • Spare blade included in handle of tool
  • Replacement blades are available (LB-1748)

The IDEAL 45-144 cable stripping and slitting tool is designed to remove the outer jacket of round single or multiple conductor cables. The tool will strip cables from .250” up to 1.75” in diameter. This tool is primarily used for removing the end jackets of larger diameter copper cables and multi conductor cables.

The tool has a blade that has an adjustable depth setting. It can be adjusted to cut the jacket but not the inner conductors. Spin the silver cap to adjust blade height/cutting depth. The blade can also rotate 90° so the tool can be used to slit the jacket lengthwise of a section of cable. This is used for end and midspan strips. To rotate the blade, press hand hold the lever knob fully to the right/outermost position and slit the jacket.

A spare blade is stored in the base of the handle. Move the pin dowel to access the spare blade hole.

Additional spare blades are available. LB-1748.

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