IDEAL 85-365 Shielded Feed-Thru CAT5e Modular Plug 25/PK


SKU 85-365

Details Tab:

  • Feed-Thru style simplifies assembly and verification of correct wire order
  • Internal shield design for contact with cable foil or drain wire
  • For shielded cables with a maximum insulated conductor diameter of 0.041”
  • 8-position, 8-contact RJ-45 with 50 micron gold plated pin contacts
  • Max recommended outer cable diameter of 0.260”

The 85-365 shielded Feed-Thru CAT5e modular plug simplifies cable to connector assembly by allowing the wires to feed-thru the front end of the connector after cable insertion allowing the user to verify the conductors are in the correct order before crimping the connector.  The 85-365 has an attached metal shell that is designed to provide a continuous path for the cable shielding to pass through the connector and into the device’s shielded port.  The connector has internal shield connection points on the top and bottom of the connector for cable foil or drain wire to make contact within the plug.  The plugs are compatible with shielded or unshielded CAT5e cables with conductors that have a maximum insulated diameter of 0.041”. The single piece design uses a feed-thru style cable preparation leaving about 1” of conductors exposed to feed-thru the plug prior to termination.  An additional step requires the foil be folded back over the jacket, or drain wire wrapped, to ensure conductivity with the plug shield.

This connector is compatible with the IDEAL 30-495 modular plug crimping tool, or the 33-507 and 33-508 Hip Kits.