SKU 30-1142J

  • 32A – 450V | 0.5mm2 – 4.0mm2 for solid |1.0 mm2 – 2.5 mm2 for stranded
  • Faster alternative to traditional butt splices
  • Tool-free, push-in through crimp
  • Slim design fits through standard knockouts
  • Perfect for lengthening wire
  • Transparent polycarbonate window for visual inspection of connection
  • Wide wire range from 0.5mm2 to 4.0mm2 for solid and 1.0 mm2 to 2.5 mm2  for stranded
  • Conform to AS/NZS IEC 60998.1 and AS/NZS IEC 60998.2.2 connecting device standards
  • Rating: IEC 60998: 32A | 450V | 105°C max and UL 486 C: 20A| 600V |105°C

The SpliceLine® in-line wire connector provides a crimp-free, solderless butt Splice.

AS/NZS IEC 60998.1 and AS/NZS IEC 60998.2.2 connecting device standards, the two-port model accepts up to 4.0 mm2 solid wire allowing one connector to do the job of multiple through-crimps.

Its small size and tool-free application makes SpliceLine®  the obvious solution for connecting wires in a broad range of applications, including prefabricated wiring, lighting and ring main circuits.

Electricians are often confronted with an existing wire that has been cut too short by the previous contractor to safely install a socket, light switch or lighting fixture. In these situations, it is often very difficult if not impossible to use a crimp tool due to space restrictions.

With SpliceLine®  however, the short wire is simply pushed into one end of the connector with the extra length of wire being pushed into the other open end. It now takes less than 10 seconds to join two wires together.