AVP Broadcast ST Multimode Simplex, OM1/2/3/4, Metal Adapter, Zirconia Sleeve

AVP Maxxum ST Multimode Simplex, OM1/2/3/4, (Metallic) Fiber Optic Panel Mount Feedthru, Adapter Plate(s) and/or Hardware. Includes MIS Color-Code Caps; Black, Beige, Aqua & Magenta.

  • Maxxum Single D Mount, Zirconia Sleeve, metal body, plastic Dust Caps,
  • Use Maxxum Single D or Dual D panels to optimize your installation design and mechanical integrity
  • Metallic body
  • Single D Mount
  • Color-Code
  • Zirconia Sleeve
  • Dust Cap: PVC UL94 HB
  • Insertion Loss <=0.2dB
  • Durability:1000 matings (max. 0.2dB increase)
  • Operating Temp. -40 to +85 Celsius
  • RoHS Compliant