Canare Star Quad, Foil Shield, 5.0mm O.D., Black, 200M Roll

L-4E6ATA 20 AWG Star Quad cable specifically designed for point to point wiring in fixed installations. Aluminum Foil Shielding provides 100% coverage. Slick, easy to pull PVC Jacket with internal Dupont Kevlar 29 cable filler, stronger than steel, can resist stretching or kinking of wires when pulled through conduit bends. Foil shield & drain wire strips easily for quick assembly work (1/3 the assembly time of braided shields). Irradiated PE conductor insulation resists solder iron meltdown.L-4E5ATA 22 AWG nallow profile Star Quad audio cable with the same shield, drain wire and Kevlar construction style as L-4E6AT.Microphones. Permanent Installations. Audio Rack Wiring. PA Systems. Aluminium Foil Shield, 100% coverage. Built in Dupont® Kevlar 29. Drain Wire.Cross Linked PE Insulation.Reduced Handling Noise.Rejects EMI and RFI.The Star Quad Story (Catalog PDF)