World’s Fastest Fibre Optic Termination Connector From Belden

Available from Bayview Technologies, Belden’s FiberExpress Brilliance Field-Installable Connectors offer installers and end users alike the fastest, simplest, most cost effective and reliable field-installable connector in the industry. The simple, yet sophisticated, design of the new FiberExpress Brilliance Connector enables contractors to terminate a tight buffered fibre in just three simple steps:

  • Insert the fibre into the connector
  • Using the index finger, slide the connector’s switch-like activator toward the fibre to be terminated to bring about the splice/crimp
  • Slide the boot on the connector body — and it’s done!

This fibre installation procedure is accomplished without using any specific or proprietary installation tools. The built-in activator performs the fibre splicing and crimping action within the connector, thus reducing the number of steps involved by 50% (as compared with most field-installable connectors).

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Posted on: 07 Jan 2015